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Ferentari Studios: A discussion with actor Sever Bârzan about what it means to be a volunteer mentor in the hood

Sever Bârzan

Sever Andrei Bârzan graduated from the UNATC acting department in 2010. He met Ionuț Oprea a year later when the latter had come to Bucharest for a master’s degree. That’s how the two of them came to strike up not just a friendship but also a shared passion for artistic volunteering and other forms of social involvement. So when Ionuț, originally from Sibiu, decided to move to the hood and set up the theatre group PlayHood and Studiourile Ferentari, Sever joined him, first as a member of the improv theatre group Backstage Boys.

Meanwhile, Sever has become a true mentor for the children of Ferentari, including household names like Toto or Niko G. Although born and raised in Sălăjan, Sever grew to be very fond of Ferentari. Nowadays, he is trying to contribute as much as possible to the well-being of these kids.

Vlad Rosianu talked to him about his personal experiences in projects and workshops, authenticity and values, and promoting local culture and creativity through sensitive yet remarkable young people.

The complete interview was published by and can be read here

Vlad Roșianu is a young adult passionate about photography and theater, being part of PlayHood theater company. The interview is part of “Avdives, khetanes” (translation “Today, together!”) project implemented by Amfiteatru Foundation.

Creative teenagers and young adults who grew up in Ferentari neighborhood in Bucharest write articles about Roma culture, with editorial guidance, as part of “Avdives, Khetanes!” (translation “Today, together!”) project implemented by Amfiteatru Foundation.

“Avdives, Khetanes!” aims to increase inclusion and develop the premises for a better quality of life for Roma children in Belin commune, Covasna county and in Ferentari marginalized neighbourhood (Sector 5, Bucharest).

The project is implemented by Amfiteatru Foundation in partnership with Belin Community Development Association for Belin commune and by Amfiteatru Foundation in partnership with the City Hall of Sector 5 for Ferentari and benefits from a 856.678 euros grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the SEE and Norway Grants as part of the Local Development Program.