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Interview with the young Roma artist Ionuț Niculae: “My script for Ferentari is one in which there will be workshops given by actors in collaboration with psychologists to help more these young people”

Ionuț “Jean” Niculae is one of the most gifted young Roma ethnics in Romania, a man who clawed his way up from the gutter, going through all the stages of a childhood marked by uncertainties but who managed to fulfill his dream of becoming an actor. Sensitive to the dramas and difficulties of young people in the Capital’s poorer and more marginalized neighborhoods, Jean Niculae set up a theater laboratory (Brightside Drama) for high school students. You can see him on the stages of various theaters in the Capital (Point, TNB) and in recent film productions (Netflix), where he’s always surprising and willing to adapt his repertoire.

More on his professional rise, values​, and life options in an uninhibited dialogue with Niko G.:

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Niko G (Nicoleta Ghiță), is an actress, composer and rap singer who also produces antiracist and feminist art. The interview is part of  “Avdives, khetanes” (translation „Today, together”)  project implemented by Fundația Amfiteatru.

Creative teenagers and young adults who grew up in Ferentari neighborhood in Bucharest write articles about Roma culture, with editorial guidance, as part of “Avdives, Khetanes!” (translation “Today, together!”) project implemented by Amfiteatru Foundation.

“Avdives, Khetanes!” aims to increase inclusion and develop the premises for a better quality of life for Roma children in Belin commune, Covasna county and in Ferentari marginalized neighbourhood (Sector 5, Bucharest).