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Lords of the flies in Ferentari: About sanitizing an “island” that lost its conscience

Ferentari has a big garbage problem! Disastrous waste management, including trash pickup, leads to a series of bad consequences: it affects residents’ health, attracts more junk, rats, and of course, another stereotype for the Ferentari neighborhood. Residents got used to the idea that no one is doing anything about it, and then they throw garbage directly out the window. We don’t know for how long, because soon enough “the waste will reach the 4th floor”. I talked about this subject with a few young adults living in Ferentari, and they shared their wish for a beautiful and clean neighborhood, with trash containers and all. However, this is not entirely up to them. There are indeed others who find it much “easier” to just throw garbage straight out their windows. In this part of the city, taking attitude is not something done easily. From my perspective, not only trash collectors are to be blamed but also residents, for making things so complicated for all the parties involved.  

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