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Sever Andrei – “Art develops and cultivates connections between people”

“First of all, music is a universal language. It is the most sublime of arts. It doesn’t matter what culture you come from, music is a bond between people from the start. From my point of view, rap-freestyle musical improvisation, which I teach, brings, first of all, a new tool of expression. Basically what I want is for the beneficiaries to be able to develop and control the ability to make rhymes on the spot, at the same time to tell the message they have to transmit” says Sever Andrei in the interview published by Metropotam.

We can’t wait for the MUSIC IMPROVISATION WORKSHOP from Avdives Khetanes Festival.
On Thursday, August 25 from 17:00 and Friday August 26 from 20:30 Sever will have a musical improvisation workshop, in Piata Ferentari