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Django Reinhardt, the king of Roma jazz

When I first discovered Django Reinhardt’s music (1910–1953), I had no idea how he related to modern Roma culture. Jean Reinhardt, known by his Romani name of Django, was a guitarist who produced some really cool music.

That’s how I started to read more about Django’s life and his art. That’s how I discovered that the whole idea of Roma jazz came only later, after Django’s death. Eventually, his style became a kind of popular music for the Sinti minority (also called Manush, spread mainly through Alsace and other regions of France and Germany).

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The author, Niko G (Nicoleta Ghiță), is an actress, composer and rap singer who also produces antiracist and feminist art. The interview is part of  “Avdives, khetanes” (translation „Today, together”)  project implemented by Fundația Amfiteatru.

Creative teenagers and young adults who grew up in Ferentari neighborhood in Bucharest write articles about Roma culture, with editorial guidance, as part of “Avdives, Khetanes!” (translation “Today, together!”) project implemented by Amfiteatru Foundation.

“Avdives, Khetanes!” aims to increase inclusion and develop the premises for a better quality of life for Roma children in Belin commune, Covasna county and in Ferentari marginalized neighbourhood (Sector 5, Bucharest).

The project is implemented by Amfiteatru Foundation in partnership with Belin Community Development Association for Belin commune and by Amfiteatru Foundation in partnership with the City Hall of Sector 5 for Ferentari and benefits from a 856.678 euros grant from Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway through the SEE and Norway Grants as part of the Local Development Program.