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“In a way, we decide how the world should know us. How they should hear about us”—A story told by Miki, audio wizard @Ferentari Studios

His name is Mihai Gabriel Pripici, but his friends know him as “Miki.” He was born 22 years ago in Bucharest, but he’s spent some ten years in Călărași. He discovered a passion for music very early in life while humming his favorite artists’ songs around the house or at school. In parallel, Miki found interests in several other areas, from art to science and computer science.

History of the Romani people in Eastern Europe (perspectives)

Eastern European Roma and African Americans have had similar destinies for much of their history. Both peoples endured centuries of slavery, and both were emancipated, almost simultaneously, in the nineteenth century. Yet, even after that, both continued to suffer years of discrimination, poverty, marginalization, and insufficient housing. World War II was the event that separated their shared destiny, taking the Roma into Poraimos (about 1.5 million dead) and the African Americans to the civil rights movement and other legal victories that crushed, over time, segregation. Their stories are examples of resilience in dark times. Their stories are of deaf heroism, which deserves to be admired …

The International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Although the fight against racism is a priority for the international community and a central focus of the UN Human Rights Office (OHCHR), there is still much to be done so that all human beings can fully enjoy their general rights and fundamental freedoms. Racism and racial discrimination, direct or indirect, de jure or de facto, manifest themselves daily, impede progress, and cause suffering for millions of people around the world.

Django Reinhardt, the king of Roma jazz

When I first discovered Django Reinhardt’s music (1910–1953), I had no idea how he related to modern Roma culture. Jean Reinhardt, known by his Romani name of Django, was a guitarist who produced some really cool music.